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Doggy Spa

The Pet Patrol Doggy Spa offers professional Dog Bathing and A La Cart Services to our Boarding, Daycare, and Outside clients. Whether you need a quick and affordable in-and-out bath or a Deluxe Wash with all of the bells and whistles we have you covered. Let your pampered pup visit our Spa during their stay with us or drop them off for just a Spa visit and we will call/email/text when your dog is ready for pick-up.

Add a Doggy Spa appointment to your Boarding or Daycare reservation at check-in or Call us at 951-432-7480 for a Spa only appointment.

Dogs with long haired coats with especially matted/tangled fur, health conditions, or behavioral issues may be restricted from services. Your dog’s health and safety will always be our top priority. Please bring up any questions or concerns to our staff at time of check-in.

Due to limited space we have a 60 minute pickup window for Doggy Spa dogs who are not checked in for Boarding or Daycare. A $10 late fee could apply if you do not pickup your dog within an hour after being notified of completion.


Quick Wash

Bath, Ear Cleaning,
Towel Dry

Small: Under 25 lbs – $29
Medium: 26-40 lbs – $37
Large: 41-80 lbs – $47
Extra Large: 81-100 lbs – $56
Giant Size: 100+ lbs – $67

Quick Wash not available to Long Haired or Double Coated Dogs due to time required to properly brush and dry. 

Deluxe Wash

Wash, Conditioner, Ear Clean, Nail Trim, Gland Expression

Small: Under 25 lbs – $40
Medium: 26-40 lbs – $48
Large: 41-80 lbs – $50
Extra Large: 81-100 lbs – $68
Giant Size: 100+ lbs – $81

Bath, Feet, & Fanny

Deluxe Wash with Eye, Paw,
and Sanitary trim

Small – $51
Medium – $59
Large – $68
Extra Large – $85
Giant Size – $101

A La Carte

A Variety of Services for You
to Choose From

Nail Trim – $17
Teeth Brushing – $17
Specialty Trim – $17
{Sanitary, Face, Paw, Feathers}
Short/Medium – $17
Long Hair – $26
Specialty Shampoo – $10
{Flea, Medicated, Oatmeal, Whitening}

Hair Cuts

Get your Dog Feeling
their B

Small – $62
Medium – $73
Large – $90
X-Large – $104
Giant Size – $124

Hair cuts are only available for Boarding and Daycare Clients

*New Pricing Effective August 15, 2023.*

Some of our Pampered Pooches