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The Pet Patrol Dog Hotel offers you peace of mind when you need to leave your dog with us. All dogs enjoy the human touch of our caring attendants. Each dog gets a private state of the art climate controlled suite, a top of the line Kuranda bed, and soothing music and/or Dog TV. Boarding dogs are taken to a private Daycare yard at least three times a day for social interaction, a chance to stretch their legs, and to “do their business”. If your dog has passed a Daycare Evaluation you can add Doggy Daycare at a discounted rate to their stay for a full day of play, socialization and fun activities. We also offer Spa Bathing services, individual play, food service and other add-on amenities to compliment your stay with us.

  • All rooms have classical music and/or DogTV which is designed to calm, ease stress and and reduce anxiety in your canine companions during their stay.
  • Constant interaction with frequent love, hugs, and kisses from our staff.
  • Room Service option offering to add a dog friendly baked good or frozen treat before bedtime with your dogs stay.
  • Daily report cards sent via text and email with photos of your dog and how they are enjoying their stay with us, a customer favorite!

*Long Term Boarding Restrictions – Due to the size and configuration of our facility, we cannot accommodate long term boarding, over 14 days. Since we are an all indoor facility we believe it is better for the well being and safety of the dogs if they stay at a different facility with outdoor access if they need to board over 2 weeks. Any dog boarding up to the 14-day maximum stay must check out for at least 48 hours before they can return.

As each pet is unique, we require that you fill out our registration form(s) and let us know any of your pet’s special needs such as required medications, special diets, exercise requirements, etc.

We require written proof of the following Vaccines:


D/H/P/P (Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvo, Parainfluenza)

Bordetella (kennel cough)

It is the customers responsibility to provide written proof of the required Vaccinations. Vaccinations must be by a licensed veterinarian and must be current 7 days prior to your pets arrival to ensure maximum efficiency. Please note that many veterinarians administer the Bordatella vaccination only by request. All guests must be on an active flea and tick prevention program. Any dogs with flea or tick problems will be treated at owners expense.

Click here to view admission requirements, register your dog, or make a reservation.

Bedding and Toys: Please DO NOT bring your dog’s bed from home. We provide top of the line Kuranda cots and bedding.  You may bring up to 2 of your dog’s favorite toys. Our goal is to make your pets stay as safe and comfortable as possible.

Food: When boarding your dog, we recommend that you bring your dog’s regular food and treats. If you choose not to bring your dog’s food, we will serve your dog our premium house food for a nominal charge. We recommend you bring food in one gallon Ziploc baggies marked with your dogs name and any additional important information. There is no need to bring your dog’s food bowl or water bowl, we provide these at no charge. DO NOT bring food containers made of glass, porcelain, or any material that could easily shatter.

Medication: We will administer oral and topical medication at appropriate times at no charge. Please DO NOT pre-mix medication in your dog’s food. For safety reasons, we keep medication in a separate, secured area where its administration is tightly monitored and controlled. We cannot administer medical injections.

FAQ Page: Please check our FAQ Page here as we cover a list of commonly asked questions about staying at the Pet Patrol Dog Hotel.

The Pet Patrol Dog Hotel is run like a people motel. Boarding Check-outs are in the morning and Boarding Check-Ins are in the afternoons. This allows us to move dogs in and out efficiently and to have suites cleaned and ready for every visitor. Fees will be charged for Early Check-Ins or Late Check-outs. 


  • Opening – Noon (12:00pm)
  • Late check out fee (after 1:00pm): $18*
  • Boarding guests who have passed a Doggy Daycare Evaluation may opt to pay for a full day of Doggy Daycare in lieu of the late check out fee. All guests who remain after close of business (7pm Mon – Sat; 6pm on Sundays) will be charged an additional night’s board.

from 12:00 noon to 1:00 pm. Dogs will not be able to be picked up or dropped off during this time.


  • 1:00pm – 6:00 pm (Mon – Sat) and 1:00pm to 5:00 pm (Sundays)
  • Early check in fee (before 12:00 noon): $18*
    *Boarding guests who have passed a Doggy Daycare Evaluation may opt to pay for a full day of daycare in lieu of the early check in fee

We suggest you add a bath to your reservation if staying over 7 days.

PAYMENTS – We accept Cash, Credit or Debit Cards as forms of payments. NO CHECKS ACCEPTED. As with human hotels, we require all customers to have a Valid Credit Card on file to use our services. Payments is required at time of service or prior to checking out. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

EXTENDED STAYS and 1st Time Boarders – We require a 50% deposit for reservations exceeding 14 days. A 100% deposit may be required for first time boarders.

HOLIDAYS Due to extremely high demand a 10% Holiday Surcharge and Reservation Deposit will apply to the following Holiday dates.

  • Memorial Day Weekend (Friday through Monday)
  • 4th of July (July 3, 4, 5 )
  • Labor Day Weekend (Friday through Monday)
  • Thanksgiving Day Weekend (Wednesday through Monday)
  • Christmas / New Year Day Week (Christmas Eve through Jan 1)

10% Holiday Surcharge –
A 10% surcharge per night will be added to all Boarding reservations that fall on these days.

Deposits – A $50 deposit is required to hold boarding reservations for all major holidays. Deposits are non-refundable within 48 hours of arrival date. The $50 deposit is required to be placed on the wait list for major holiday days listed above.

Don’t forget to add a visit to the Doggy Spa during your stay.

Boarding Options

Standard Luxury Suite


4’ x 6’ (24 sq. ft.)
Climate Controlled
Tempered Glass doors
Ventilated sides
Luxury Kuranda Sleeping cot/bed
Soothing music and/or Dog TV played 24/7
Daily email/text updates and Report cards

Medium Luxury Suite


5’ x 6’ (35 sq. ft.)
Climate Controlled
Tempered Glass doors
Ventilated sides
Luxury Kuranda Sleeping cot/bed
Soothing music and/or Dog TV played 24/7
Daily email/text updates and Report cards

Large Luxury Suite


5’ x 10’ (50 sq. ft.)
Climate Controlled
Tempered Glass doors
Ventilated sides
Luxury Kuranda Sleeping cot/bed
Soothing music and/or Dog TV played 24/7
Daily email/text updates and Report cards

*New Pricing Effective October 17, 2023.*

See above for Early Check-In and Late Check-Out Fees
10% off 10 nights or more.

25% OFF Each additional sibling from same family who stays in the same suite.
**Prices subject to change.

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Existing Customers:

Registered customers can click the link below to log-in to your customer profile. You can view/modify your or your pet’s information and schedule boarding, daycare, and grooming services, and review previous report cards and activity.

New Customers:

All New Customers must complete the one-time online registration process prior to any reservations being made or confirmed. New customers can click below to register.