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Frequently Asked Questions

The Pet Patrol is an all indoor facility. We have found dogs staying over 14 days in our type of environment can become stressed. For the safety and well being of the dogs we do not take reservations for dogs needing to stay over 14 days.

Any dogs that board up to the 14-day maximum must check out of the facility for at least 48 hours before they can return.

The Pet Patrol Dog Hotel welcomes all dogs 4 months and older with proof of all required vaccinations.

The following vaccinations are required for ALL Boarding and Daycare dogs.


DHPP (Distemper, Hepatitis, Parainfluenza, and Parvovirus)

Bordetella (Kennel Cough)

It is your responsibility to make sure your dog(s) have the current required vaccinations prior to your visit. For the health and safety of all, pets with expired, or no proof of vaccinations, will not be allowed into the facility until they are up to date. Please plan accordingly.

Valid Vaccinations must be provided prior to arriving for your 1st appointment. You MUST email us, fax us, or upload Proof of Vaccinations to your online profile prior to your first reservation.

Vaccinations must be by a licensed veterinarian and we recommend the vaccinations are completed at least 7 days prior to check-in to ensure maximum efficiency and protection.

You will get automatically generated emails from us when future vaccinations are coming due. Please send updated vaccinations when requested to avoid any issues prior to your next visit. It is your responsibility to contact Pet Patrol to make sure we have received you updated Vaccinations and your account has been noted.

All dogs over 8 months old are required to by spayed or neutered if participating in Doggy Daycare. This is not a requirement for Boarding only pets. We will not accept a female dog for Boarding who is actively in Heat.

Yes, we always encourage dogs from the same household to bunk together, often they do better when they are with a sibling or buddy. We offer a discounted rate for each additional sibling from the same family, on the same account, who stay in the same suite.

At least one dog MUST be spayed/nurtured, if dogs are of a different sex, from the same family, are to stay in the same suite. NO EXCEPTIONS

Yes we do. For customers who are Boarding multiple dogs with us we offer a 25% discounted rate for each additional sibling from the same family, on the same account, who stay in the same suite. For example; if all 3 of your dogs are staying in one suite, the initial dog will be charged at the base rate and dog 2 and dog 3 would each be charged at 25% Off of the base rate. If you were boarding 3 dogs in 3 different suites they are each charged the base rate as they are occupying a suite individually.

No. We can’t take dogs outside of our facility simply because outdoor environments are not as safe as our controlled indoor environment. We walk the dogs inside our facility for social interaction, to stretch their legs, and to do their business. We do offer discounted Daycare as an add-on for our Boarding clients. We always have the safety of your pet as a top priority.

We don’t have an area open to the outdoors. As for going to the bathroom we do have designated potty relief areas made from artificial grass. Our staff is constantly attending to your dogs needs with our state of the art wet/dry vacuum cleaning system.

We allow Boarding dogs to bring a maximum of two of their favorite toys. The toys must be kept in their suite and cannot be used in the Daycare areas. No rawhide types of toys please. We ask that you DO NOT bring their own bed as Luxury Kuranda cots and bedding are provided. We are limited on storage space and unable to accommodate personal bedding.

Personal automatic feeders, electronic toys, electronic devices, cameras, etc. are not allowed at the Pet Patrol Dog Hotel for safety, liability, and Insurance purposes.

No. Personal automatic feeders, electronic toys, electronic devices, cameras, etc. are not allowed at the Pet Patrol Dog Hotel for Safety, Liability, and Insurance purposes.

Absolutely. We want you to bring your dog’s normal food when staying with us. If you cannot bring food, run out or forget then we will supply your dog with our quality house food for a nominal fee. We recommend one-gallon Ziploc plastic bags for easy storage and transportation. If you are also bringing treats for your dog then we ask no rawhide types of treats please. It is a  also a good idea to write your pets name on all of their food bags.

Personal automatic feeders, electronic devices, cameras, etc. are not allowed at the Pet Patrol Dog Hotel. We do not allow electronic devices to stay in the rooms with the dogs for safety, liability, and Insurance purposes.

Yes, the entire facility is climate controlled so your pet(s) remain comfortable year round. We also have a state of the art ventilation system that is designed to cut down on odor and cross contamination of airborne particles in the facility.

We believe dogs should be judged on behavior and not the breed. We love all dogs and do not discriminate based on breed, age, or size. All dogs are required to go through a Daycare Evaluation for Doggy Daycare group play OR a Meet and Greet for first time Boarders.

We do not, however, accept dogs that are aggressive with people. We have a very hands-on facility that requires us to work closely with all of our guests and we cannot do that effectively if your dog is aggressive towards people.

Unfortunately, No. If your dog has an active medical condition that is being treated by a veterinarian OR is of an advanced age where they have trouble getting around on their own, we can not admit your dog as we do not have the facility or training to properly care for them. An active condition would be considered recent surgeries, having stitches, needing to wear a protective cone, movement/mobility restrictions, pregnancy, actively in heat, Elderly/Geriatric, Posted Ears,  or anything else that would need immediate or constant medical attention. This list covers most but not all issues that may come up.

If your dog has special health needs please board with a Veterinarian or pet health care facility. We are not an equipped or trained medical facility.

If you are not sure please ask.

Management will make the final decision on eligibility based on the circumstance.

We can administer pills, lotions, topical ointments, and salves. We can NOT administer injections.

Medications must be clearly marked with your pet’s name and dosage. Please DO NOT pre-mix medication into their food.

If your dog has special health needs please board with a Veterinarian or pet health care facility. We are not an equipped or trained medical facility.

Please DO NOT bring your dogs personal bed. We provide all dogs with a top of the line Kuranda Dog Bed. You may bring an article of your clothing and up to 2 of their favorite toys to make them feel comfortable during their stay.

The Pet Patrol Dog Hotel is run like a people motel. Boarding Check-Ins are in the afternoons and Boarding Check-outs are in the morning. This allows us to move dogs in and out efficiently and to have suites cleaned and ready for every visitor. The exact times are listed here.

Boarding Check-In Check-Out
Mon-Sat 1:00pm – 6:00pm 7am – Noon
Sunday 1:00pm – 5:00pm 9am – Noon

The lobby is closed Daily from 12:00 noon – 1:00 PM. You will not be able to pick up or drop off during this time. 

You do have the option of dropping your dog off early or to stay late for Doggy Daycare at a discounted rate as long as your dog has passed a Daycare Evaluation.

Early Check-in or Late Check out is available for non-Doggy Daycare clients with prior arrangements at a nominal charge and space permitting. See Pricing Page for details.

Doggy Daycare only clients can come or go at any time during normal business hours. The Lobby is Closed Daily from 12-1 and drop-off/pick-ups are NOT allowed during this time.

Like humans, dogs need to take a rest during the middle of the day. The closure gives our staff time to concentrate on giving the dogs time to snack, eat, rest and do their business without any outside distractions. The closure also gives staff ample time to clean rooms for dogs who check out before noon and time to set up rooms for dogs who are scheduled to check in after 2:00 pm.

Since the Pet Patrol Dog Hotel is an Indoor Only facility we have a limited capacity and space availability for our large Dog Daycare. Reservation requests can be made using your online account our calling our front desk at 951-432-7480.

The Pet Patrol Dog Hotel is always looking for dedicated and responsible dog loving individuals who want to join our team. Check our Employment page HERE to see what career opportunities are available and how to apply.

PAYMENTS – We accept Cash, Credit or Debit Cards as forms of payments. NO CHECKS ACCEPTED. As with human hotels, we require all customers to have a Valid Credit Card on file to use our services. Payment is required at time of service or prior to checking out. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

EXTENDED STAYS – We limit reservations to 14 days since we are an all indoor facility. A 100% deposit may be required for first time boarders.

Due to extremely high demand the following pricing and deposit policies are in place for these Holidays.

  • Memorial Day Weekend (Friday through Monday)
  • 4th of July (July 3, 4, 5 )
  • Labor Day Weekend (Friday through Monday)
  • Thanksgiving Day Weekend (Wednesday through Monday)
  • Christmas / New Year Day Week (Christmas Eve through Jan 1)

10% Holiday Surcharge –
A 10% surcharge will be added to all boarding dates that fall within the above Holiday dates.

 – A $50 deposit is required to hold boarding reservations for all major Holidays and Holiday weekends. Deposits are non-refundable within 48 hours of arrival date. The $50 deposit is required to be placed on the wait list for major holidays.

The Pet Patrol Dog Hotel offers the following discounts:

  • 10% Off Senior Citizens (60+ years old)
  • 10% Off Military/Police/Fire (Active ID required)
  • 25% Off sibling dogs staying in the same room
  • Discounted pricing for Doggy Daycare Packages

We also send out flash deals and discounts via email and text messages.

NOTE: Discounts CAN NOT be stacked. You get the highest best single discount available per visit.

Existing Customers:

Registered customers can click the link below to log-in to your customer profile. You can view/modify your or your pet’s information and schedule boarding, daycare, and grooming services, and review previous report cards and activity.

New Customers:

All New Customers must complete the one-time online registration process prior to any reservations being made or confirmed. New customers can click below to register.